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GWACC members may include corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, municipalities, school districts, professionals and interested individuals. The GWACC sponsors quality programs, events and activities that are intended to promote and stimulate local business and economic development, civic participation, member advocacy and education.

About the Chamber

The Greater Wheatland Chamber of Commerce was formed for                                                      the purpose of promoting the common economic interests and                                                        community development in the Towns of Wheatland, Caledonia                                                          and the surrounding area of Western New York State, for the                                                      benefit of its members, all local commercial enterprises and the                                      communities served. Members of this organization constitute an                                                  association of interested parties working collaboratively together                                                    for the furtherance of the general interests and common goals of the organization, with activities targeted at improving local business conditions and helping to facilitate a suitable quality of life across the communities served.  


Value Proposition


The Greater Wheatland Area Chamber value proposition is a set of statements that summarize the

benefits delivered for being a member of the organization. 


How Can the Chamber of Commerce Help You?

  • The Chamber of Commerce provides local business owners and professionals with the opportunity to meet and network with other area business owners, exchanging information, identifying local opportunities and common needs.


  • The Chamber of Commerce advocates on behalf of the collective local business community.


  • The Chamber of Commerce leverages the scale of the membership in aggregation through partner collaboration, lobbying activities and supporting fund raising activities (i.e., events, grant preparation) to help improve and sustain the economic, civic and cultural wellbeing of the local area.


  • The Chamber of Commerce provides members with marketing and promotion of their businesses via the Chamber website, the Chamber Facebook Page, other Chamber related electronic and traditional media. Promotions include techniques such as marketing bundles to help facilitate business growth. 


  • Membership in the Chamber of Commerce can add both visibility and credibility to a local small business. People and businesses use their Chamber of Commerce as a local authority to find products and services.


  • Chamber of Commerce Members have the opportunity to participate in impactful community activities supporting well-being and quality of life for residents and visitors.

Value Proposition

Join the Chamber of Commerce



There are four categories of Chamber Membership available:


  • Corporate Membership - Large businesses with >= 20 employees)

  • Business Membership - Small businesses with < 20 employees)

  • Partners Membership - Municipal Gov'ts, School Districts, Not-for-Profit Organizations, Churches, Individuals (voting members)

  • Friends of the Chamber Membership - Individuals (contributing, non-voting membership)

For each Membership with the exception of the "Friends of the Chamber Membership" category, is the opportunity to include a URL for a website (or social media page) that will be linked from the Greater Wheatland Area Chamber of Commerce website, in conjunction with a graphic (i.e., logo, image or photo) and a statement of 100 characters or less, if desired. Membership categories with the exception of the "Friends of the Chamber Membership" category, is afforded full membership voting rights and the opportunity for nomination and election to the organization's governing body defined as the Board of Directors. There are specific annual membership fees defined for each category of Membership as described in the membership invoice form.

Leadership Level Supporter

This level offers several enhanced value opportunities for participating members for an additional annual fee (as defined in the membership invoice form).  These opportunities include, as applicable:


  • Opportunity to participate in chamber strategy and planning sessions.

  • Logo or photo included in featured section of ALL GWACC website pages.

  • First opportunity for sponsorships of GWACC events & activities.

  • Participation in regional marketing and promotions facilitated by the GWACC.

  • Annual feature article on GWACC website and social media.


As available directly support highly visible GWACC initiatives such as programs, events and other activities with the opportunity for engaging in additional marketing and promotion.


For new membership applications or membership renewals, complete the Greater Wheatland Area Chamber of Commerce membership invoice form in its entirety, including a check payable to the Greater Wheatland Area Chamber of Commerce and mail to:


Greater Wheatland Area Chamber of Commerce

C/O: Membership Committee

P.O. Box 95

Scottsville, New York 14546

A membership brochure is available to support membership applications. Email the Chamber Membership Committee with any membership or application questions.

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