Board of Directors

The Greater Wheatland Area Chamber of Commerce organization is governed by its Membership through an elected body in the form of a Board of Directors, consisting of four officer positions and general board member positions. Board  of Director officers and members are elected to three year terms by the Membership as part of the business conducted during  the Annual Meeting of the Membership. There Board of Directors provides leadership for the Chamber organization in accordance with a defined set of roles and responsibilities.



The following is a list of currently elected officers, their associated organizations and a brief biography:



The Chamber of Commerce President presides at all meetings of the Chamber, submits at the Annual Meeting a full report of the work of the Chamber and except as otherwise authorized by the Executive Committee or President is the public spokesperson for the Chamber.

Dave Principino


David and his wife, Rosemary are long time business owners in the town of Wheatland and are owners of Scottsville Spirits and SNAP Fitness. A chamber member since its inception, David has been active in our community working a variety of events to support Scottsville and Wheatland.

Vice President


The Chamber of Commerce Vice President assists the President in all of his or her duties and in the absence of the President shall assume the duties of the presiding officer.

Carl Schoenthal


Carl and his wife, Rachel have operated a local small business for the past 15 years, and are charter members of the Chamber.  Together they operate the Artisan Coffeehouse and Beautiful Valley Guesthouse in Scottsville.  Carl has volunteered for events and serves the Town of Wheatland as a councilmember.  He is also a licensed professional engineer and serves as Sr Director at EagleView Technologies.



The Chamber of Commerce Secretary is responsible for keeping the Chamber records and seal, the membership role, meeting minute books and resolutions. 

Christie Offen





The Chamber of Commerce Treasurer is responsible for supervising the collection and deposit of all dues, receipts and other funds of the Chamber, establishes and maintains such bank accounts that may be necessary to carry out these duties.  The Treasurer also performs a continuing audit of all receipts, deposits, disbursements, and monthly financial statements as well as providing a financial report at each regular meeting of the Chamber's membership.

Karen Coyle


Karen and late husband Dan, began Coyle's Pumpkin Ranch on Oatka Trail, over 30 years ago.  Farming and contributing to our community has always been our passion.  Karen has retired from a Payroll Specialist position held for 33 years.

Board Members

The following is a list of currently elected Board Members (excluding the officers identified above) and their associated organizations:














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