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Business Directory

This directory provides a searchable, online index of local businesses in the communities served by the GWA Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with businesses located outside of the area that also serve the Chamber's communities.  Business listings are organized by categories for the convenience of directory users and include the business name, address, phone and a website link where this information is available.

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Any business that serves GWA Chamber of Commerce communities may be considered for a listing included in this business directory; Chamber membership is not required for inclusion. GWA Chamber members are provided with premium listings that are prominently presented at the top of each corresponding business category, with highlighted content and a business-related graphic for connectivity to the businesses website or other online presence. To have your business considered for inclusion in this business directory send an email to the Chamber.

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How to Use
Business Listings

How to Use the Directory


The index provides below is organized by categories to simplify use. Within each category, business listings are arranged alphabetically, with the exception of GWA Chamber of Commerce member businesses which are included at the top of each category. To see more listings, use the scroll bar located at the left of the index. To search the index, select the magnifying glass icon located at the left upper corner of the index. The following provides a summary reference for the defined business categories including example types of businesses:


  • Attractions & Activities: Experiential businesses

  • Accommodations: Lodging, campgrounds

  • Food & Drink: Restaurants, Bars

  • Merchants: Retail and wholesale sales

  • Service Providers: General services

  • Financial, Legal & Insurance: Financial institutions, Accountants, Attorneys, Insurance agencies

  • Real Estate: Agents & Brokers, apartments & home rentals, Property management

  • Health & Medicine; Doctors, Dentists, Orthodontists, Assisted Living, Chiropractors

  • Industry: Engineering, manufacturing, distribution

  • Agriculture: Farm related businesses

  • Miscellaneous

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